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There are some challenging lessons found in the book of Jonah. One way we can examine them is by these five questions asked in the book, and we should ask them of ourselves.

First, "Why are you sleeping?" (1:7). Jonah and his Sea faring companions were in the middle of a physical crisis in the storm at sea. For us, we are in the middle of a spiritual crisis! Look around, and you will see the lack of spiritual concern everywhere.  In a world that has roughly 7.5 billion souls in it. Now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to wake up and get to work!

Second, "What is your occupation?" (1:8. They could not figure out that Jonah was a prophet because he was not prophesying. Can people tell we are Christians, or do they have to ask? If we are not living it, telling it, and inviting them, will they ever know?

Third, "How could you do this?" (1:10). Jonah had put the ones around him in grave danger by not obeying the Lord. If we do not obey the Lord's commission to make disciples, we are putting the souls around us in eternal danger!

Fourth, "Do you have good reason to be angry?" (4:4). Jonah was angry that the Lord was willing to "relent" from punishing Jonah's enemies because they had repented. What about us? Are we guilty of not wanting to spread the Gospel to people who look different, talk different, smell different, are our nations enemies, or come from different religious backgrounds?

Fifth, "Should I not have compassion?" (4:11). God asked Jonah this question, pointing out His willingness to forgive even the pagan enemies of Jonah's people. God is still wants to forgive all who would believe and obey Him.

We must be looking for opportunities to share the love of God and the Good News of His Son to all! We must understand that God wants all to be saved. Jonah ran away from God and his mission. When he did get involved in the work God called him to, he wanted it to be his way, not God's way. We must not run from our God given mission. There is too much at stake, still so many souls who have not heard and simply need someone to show them and tell them what God has done.


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