Pure and Undefiled Religion
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Pure and Undefiled Religion

                In James 1:27, we are challenged to have a pure and undefiled religion. The word picture James paints is of a religion without any stain. One that hasn’t been contaminated by anything filthy or dirty. James also tells us that this religion is laid before God. We may have a pure and undefiled religion before men, but how does God see it? In God’s eyes are we doing things, right? Or are we covered in the muck and mire of this world?  

                If we are to have a pure and undefiled religion, James tells us we need to visit the orphans and widows. When I hear the word “visit” I think about just talking with someone, visiting about what is going on in their lives, “How are you doing?” “How about those Panthers?” However, that isn’t exactly what this word means. It means to meet the needs of the person. So, when we visit orphans and widows, we are supposed to be taking care of whatever their needs may be.

                We have an opportunity this Sunday, November 11th to be encouraged to visit orphans. Kelvin Hoover works with Orphan’s Lifeline International and will be delivering the Sunday morning sermon. Let’s strive to make sure our religion is one that is pure and undefiled.

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