Jesus Gives Us Hope
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jesus gives us hope

Jesus Gives Us Hope

                We are living in a tired and sinful world. We can’t turn on the tv or radio without hearing and seeing the sinful state the world is in. We receive updates and news reports directly to our phones informing us of someone’s latest sin. It was just as sinful in Jesus’ day, however, maybe not publicized to the world the same way, yet Jesus stands in front of us as the Hope of the World!

                  When I stop to think about how sinful the world is, I can’t help but look at my own life and how sinful I have been. I am sure from time to time you do the same. However, it also reminds me of the hope we all have in Jesus! Our sins are forgiven through the washing of His blood, and we can grab hold of the hope Jesus offers to all who had no hope. I am reminded of an old song written by John Newton that says, “I saw One hanging on a tree in agony and blood, He fixed His languid eyes on me, as near His cross I stood. Sure, never till my latest breath, Can I forget that look; It seemed to charge me with His death, though not a word He spoke. My conscience felt and owned the guilt, and plunged me in despair; I saw my sins His blood had split and helped to nail Him there. Alas, I know not what I did, but now my tears are vain; Where can my trembling soul be hid? For I the Lord have slain. A second look He gave, which said, ‘I freely all forgive; this blood is for thy ransom paid, I die that thou may live!’ Oh, can it be, upon that tree, the Savior died for me? My soul is filled, my heart is thrilled to think He died for me.”

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