The Cross and Jesus
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jesus and cross


The Cross and Jesus

The New Testament writers used fulfilled prophecy to confirm the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are eleven prophecies regarding Jesus and his crucifixion that were fulfilled and have helped many come to accept the truth of the gospel.

  • The Victim Would Not Resist (Isaiah 53:7; John 18:8; 1 Peter 2:23, 24)
  • The Manner of Death (Psalm 22:16; Zechariah 12:10; John 12:32, 33; see also 18:31, 32; 19:37)
  • With Transgressors (Isaiah 53:12; Mark 15:28.)
  • Garments Divided (Psalm 22:18; John 19:23–25.)
  • Intercession for Transgressors (Isaiah 53:12; Luke 23:34)
  • An Exclamation (Psalm 22:1; Matthew 27:46)
  • Taunting Remarks (Psalm 22:7, 8; Matthew 27:39–44)
  • Gall (Psalm 69:21; Matthew 27:34)
  • Vinegar (Psalm 69:21; John 19:28–30; KJV)
  • Commendation of Spirit (Psalm 31:5; Luke 23:46)
  • Not a Bone Broken (Psalm 34:20; John 19:36)

Jesus fulfilled prophecy during his life and by his death. This evidence should give us a strong foundation for our faith and help us to share with others the gospel of grace.


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