Remember the Lord
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Remember the Lord

                In Luke 22:14-20, Jesus gave His disciples an imperative to remember Him.  One of the main aspects of Christian worship service comes when we partake of the bread and fruit of the vine.  During those moments we are very conscious of what Jesus has done for us through His sacrifice.  We do our best to remember Him as we partake, pray, read scripture, and recall in our own minds the forgiveness of our sins because of His precious blood.  This is a memorial act that we do every Sunday. 

                Does our remembrance stop there? Do we think that we have completed the requirements given by Jesus and that we are all good to go about our lives until the next week? Beyond the memorial act of communion, we should show that we remember Jesus’ sacrifice by the way we live.  We should be continuing to learn more about Christ by studying His word.  We should be showing love to one another, so the world knows we are His disciples.  Whoever we meet that doesn’t know what Jesus has done for them, we should share the saving message of Jesus Christ with them.  Remembering the Lord doesn’t stop with the Lord’s Supper, it should continue every day and show in the way we choose to live.

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