Why Are There Four Gospels?
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Why Are There Four Gospels?

                Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (the “Gospels”) all tell the story of Jesus. Why does the Bible include all four of them? We need to remember that each of the writers was selective in what he wrote down. The pieces of information contained in one gospel was for a specific purpose to make a point (John 20: 30, 31). None of the four gospel accounts tells us everything, and even all four together don’t give us every single detail about the life of Jesus.

                We can understand how our knowledge of Jesus would be lacking if we only had one Gospel account. The four accounts have often been compared to four portraits of Jesus. None of them tells us everything about Him, but each one emphasizes certain features of His Identity and nature. For instance, Luke shows that Jesus came to be the good news for all humanity. John shows us in every way possible that Jesus is the Son of God. Mark focuses more on Jesus’ power and authority. And Matthew highlights Jesus as the promised King.

                The more we read the four Gospel accounts, the more we come to appreciate the perspective of each writer, and how thankful we should be to have them. As you read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John you will gain not only knowledge, but a stronger relationship with Jesus.

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