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Have you ever heard of Hur? He is not necessarily a memorable character in scripture. However, he is one of the greatest examples of someone contributing to victory.

In Exodus 17, Amalek came against Israel. The plan for the Israelites involved many people in several different positions. There was Moses, the leader of the Israelites and spokesman for God. He needed to inform the people of the plan (v.9), and it was his hands, when raised, that allowed Israel to prevail in battle (v.11). While Joshua and the chosen men fought the battle, Moses needed to keep his arms raised to give the victory.  

You can imagine how tired Moses’ arms would get from trying to hold your own arms in the air for two mins. It was Aaron and Hur the unsung heroes and great contributors of the battle. They had the grand task of holding up Moses' hands. If Moses kept his arms and staff in the air, Israel would win. If they would fall, Israel loses. The lesson for us is that everyone can contribute because everyone can be a Hur!

Even the most unknown, ungifted person can contribute to the victory.  Ultimately the victory is because of the Lord (vv.14-16). However, He expects all of us to do our part because every part is essential! 

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