John Yukich

Although John Yukich was raised as an agnostic, he gradually realized by his college years that he was missing something very important in life, and he realized that formerly he had been close-minded toward the Christian faith. At the peak of his education and training as a physicist, he became a believer. After nearly fifteen years in denominational churches, John and his family were added to the

Lord's church in 2011. John and his wife Shirley have four children: Peter, Paul, Mary and Thomas, all of whom have been homeschooled. All of the Yukich family greatly appreciate the rapid spiritual and Biblical growth they have experienced with the Lake Norman congregation.


John has been a professor of physics at Davidson College since 1998, and finds fulfillment in studying and teaching the physics fundamentals of God's creation. With the Lake Norman congregation, John especially enjoys Bible teaching and any kind of handyman or construction work for the church family. His desire is to see the church continue to grow stronger in its faith, scriptural understanding, unity, and Christian apologetics.

John Yukich

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