But the Truth

Proverbs 23:23

‘I’m speaking my truth.’

‘You need to find and live your truth.’

‘What feels true to you?’


Such statements abound in our society, as if truth were as relative, subjective, and malleable as one’s view of sushi or one’s opinion about who the greatest basketball player of all time is. (It’s still Michael Jordan, by the way.)


But – as usual – our society is gravely mistaken.


Truth is not an individual decision each makes based on personal preference, current thought and opinion, the latest science (or ‘science’), or the views of one’s favorite singer.


Truth is absolute (not relative) and unchangeable (not one thing for the 1950s, another for today).

It is also ‘objective’ rather than ‘subjective’, ie, it’s found outside oneself rather than coming from within each individual.


It is found in God’s word. In fact, it IS God’s word. ‘Your word is truth,’ said Jesus (John 17:17).

To the degree to which we neglect the study and application of God’s word, to that degree we rob ourselves of the truth. To be bereft of truth is to be saddled with, corrupted, and eventually destroyed by, error.


So, heed Proverbs 23:23 – ‘buy the truth and sell it not.’


–David Price, Morehead church of Christ, Morehead City, NC