How High are Our Walls

Today’s lesson will sort of focus on our ‘Jerichos’— no not a story about Zacchaeus (Luke 19). We will save that example for another occasion. Rather we will explore the ‘Jericho Walls’ (Joshua 5,6), which you & I constantly erect, rebuild after God has already destroyed the original one. Notice, I just left 1200/1300 BC timetable jumping into the 21st C in less than a sentence! But, Howard our walls are enormous- current pandemic, marriage difficulties, parental responsibilities, financial problems, health issues, lost loved ones, LNCC stability, guilt (one reason or another), etc.etc. Sorry, if I didn’t enumerate yours, just add it to the list!!! Are these ‘walls’ larger than Joshua’s? For that answer you’ll need to listen to the lesson.


I did say “say sort of focus” because our real concentration will dwell on whom Joshua encounters prior to the Jericho battle (Josh 5.13). Who, why, was he there? We will investigate making note of Joshua’s reaction while asking what possible relevance a 1300 BC battle has to us. Perhaps we have the same question as Joshua. However, now I am encroaching on this morning’s sermon.


Let’s just say there are answers for our lives in the scriptures, this being a meaningful one even from the OLD TESTAMENT!