Lake Norman Faith

It was years ago, on a cool and dark night, when my dad and I wrapped up a series of Bible studies. This was the moment that would make the biggest difference in my life. I had made the big decision. So we gathered the rest of the family, my mom, brother and sister, and drove down to the lake together. It was only a few blocks away from our house, and we were going to need plenty of water. The surface of the lake looked beautiful in the moonlight. But the peaceful feeling was quickly broken when I stepped into the freezing water alongside my dad. My teeth had never actually chattered before, but they sure did then! I was baptized that night, October 11th, 2005, in the very waters of Lake Norman. In a sense, that’s where my walk of faith began.


So today, I am now the founder of an evangelism effort called Lake Norman Faith, which involves several respected brothers within the Church. We have a website where we publish weekly devotional content and podcast episodes with hopes to provide new forms of spiritual media content down the road. We also offer the means for anyone to ask questions or to request a Bible study.


My vision has been to take the “Lake Norman” faith that I found in 2005 and to share it with people all over the world by using the internet. You see, if the roads of Rome served as the conduit to quickly spread the Gospel during the early days of Christianity, then the internet surely serves as that special conduit now. As of today, our messages have already reached many people across eight different countries!


Can you help? Absolutely! First, please say a simple prayer right now: ask that God blesses our efforts and uses us for His purpose and glory. You can also visit our website (, and multiple social media accounts, and like, subscribe and share our content. You can even safely submit donations via the website to help support the fees associated with this effort. So simple, right?


But who knows? With your support, we might just help make the biggest difference in somebody else’s life as well. Please help us share that “Lake Norman” faith.


-Jonathan Moorey, Lake Norman Faith editor