Lord, please open my eyes!

Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from your law. Psalm 119: 18


The law contains wondrous or extraordinary things of the Lord. These are things which are fitted to excite wonder and amazement. They are deep, hidden, and secret and can only be revealed by God to us.


A spiritual person can appreciate them. His heart desires to see the wonderous things of God’s law and so he begs God to open his eyes and to give him the understanding to all those deep, hidden and secret things. When his eyes are open to the wondrous things from God’s law, he can meditate on them and walk in righteousness.

On the other hand, the carnal person cannot see these wonders. He is blinded because his eyes are covered with superficiality. The treasures of God’s word do not interest him and so he loses out on all those benefits that come from the wondrous things in God’s law.  


Are you spiritual or carnal? Do you know the wondrous things of God’s law? Are you blind to them? If so, then it is time to go down on your knees and pray that God, through His grace and mercy, may remove those scales and grant you perspicuity to see the wondrous things in His law.