Milk of the Word

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation. I Peter 2:2

Children are truly God’s gift to us! It is so amazing to see how children develop from infants to toddlers. Toddlers will eventually grow into small children who will then quickly speed towards puberty. The teenage wonder years seem to fly by and before you know it, they become young adults who are carving out their place in this world. And to think, they all started on the simple subsistence of milk!! Many parents have also had the unfortunate experience of having a sick child who has no desire to be nourished on the milk provided to them. This is usually a sign that there is a concerning medical issue that needs the immediate attention of a trained physician.

In I Peter 2:2, Peter states that new Christians, and for that matter, all Christians should continuously desire the sincere milk/nourishment of God’s unadulterated Word. When a child of God no longer has a desire to feed himself on the Word of God. That particular Christian needs to spend some time with the “Great Physician”, Jesus, as soon as possible! There is no time to waste because, without proper spiritual/physical nourishment, the prognosis becomes dire and could result in death. Let us always be mindful of
our desire for the things of God and continue to be nourished thereby.

–Curtis Parker, Albermarle church of Christ, Albermarle, NC