True Meaning of the Resurrection

This morning we will address the ‘lynch pin’ of our conviction, commitment towards God. In a word- Resurrection. Granted last week was Easter, but since so many articles, comments, and media declarations have been produced both before, and now after
Easter I thought a lesson/sermon regarding the Resurrection is justified. Believing the Resurrection ‘might have’ occurred is significantly different than committing our lives to God through and because of the Resurrection. The Resurrection should instill a vocational effort within us. Bearing God’s image is not just a fact, a quote from Genesis 1, or even an announcement of ‘christianity’! It is a vocation, a life long (whatever time that we exist) full time 24/7 position. The Resurrection is the key to that success. Without a heartfelt adamant conviction of the Resurrection, we are as Paul tells the Corinthians (1 Cor 15) “most miserable”. With the Resurrection we are called to reflect into the world the creative and redemptive love of God (Jn 3.16). Our study of Revelation (Weds
morning bible study) clearly establishes that compliancy is unacceptable to God & the Slaughtered Lamb! For Christians to anticipate that a fallen world, dictated by sin (pride, money, power, etc.) will some how ‘resurrect’ itself without the Resurrection is a
philosophical human failure. How is society/ the world going to comprehend God’s desire for humanity unless you & I firmly believe, then espouse that the Resurrection occurred? This is more than asking “do you want to go to heaven”? Indeed, a commitment of the Resurrection says God is in charge, Jesus sacrificed & was resurrected to establish his kingdom. We are citizens of God’s kingdom whose vocation is to exhibit God’s world as he had created, Israelites failed but we can not, should not— we have the Resurrection! Jesus came as the true israel, true image of God, the true human, true light, and yes the true savior. The Resurrection is the foundation, we are to implement that love, celebrating the Resurrection by proclaiming it. To do all of this mandates us to grasp the Resurrection, be astounded by it, even be in awe of it, but proclaim it— Acts 2. – Howard Younger