Women in the Church

The Bible teaches equality between men and women and their roles in the church and the home are equally important. But in our society and even in the church, there are some who claim we must get rid of all role distinctions. It is an attitude that has led to many accepting what culture teaches instead of what God instructs us in His Word. 


Some claim that the Biblical teaching on gender roles is completely out of date and out of step with society. The bible teaches that men and women were created equal (Genesis 1:27). Both men and women are equal bearers of the divine image. Women are not inferior members of the human race and should not be considered second class citizens. Both men and women have equal access to the kingdom of God and all the blessings in Christ (Galatians 3:26-28; Ephesians 1:3). Ephesians 5:22-24 and 1 Timothy 2:11-12 teach us that the female role is one of submission.  Women are given the submissive role in the home and the church. Both men and women can be equal but have different roles. The Son of God was submissive to His Father. Jesus is fully God (John 1:1), but had a different role. His submissiveness did not mean He was inferior. God the Father and God the Son are equal but have different roles to fulfill.  Women are not inferior because they have a submissive role. They are not inferior citizens in the kingdom of God.


The Bible shows women serving in important ways in the church we read about in the New Testament. For instance, Phoebe was a servant in the church (Romans 16:1-2) but it does not specify what kind of service she was involved in. Some took care of Jesus’ needs (Lk.8). Others served in benevolent ways (Acts 9).  Our culture may teach there is no distinction in gender roles, but the Bible teaches otherwise. Who are we going to listen to? – Rob Albright